Steps to success...

Step 1- Comprehensive initial Functional Medicine Consultation

This is undertaken by all new clients and is the first step in your wellness journey.

Prior to the initial consultation you will be required to complete a Comprehensive Health Assessment Questionnaire and Food Diary which will take approx. 45 mins to complete. I also ask that you submit available prior lab test results within the last 2 years (where appropriate). Even blood results that are considered within the ‘normal’ range may need additional scrutiny for your unique concerns. I go through these with a fine-tooth comb to gain a preliminary understanding of your case. All these documents are essential tools used in the workup of your case and analysis of your presenting symptoms. They help me to identify patterns and trends that have contributed to your current presentation as well as healing opportunities and areas of health that need to be prioritised.

During the initial consultation:

    • We discuss your medical history, your goals, symptoms, prior lab testing (where appropriate), and nutrition status.
    • We engage in a conversation to find out more about you, your health, and family history to build your in-depth health profile. Essentially connecting the dots to form a bigger picture of how your lifelong health journey has contributed to your present concerns.
    • I will explain my preliminary findings and hypotheses, sharing how we can work together to build your health from the roots up. I will set out a proposed initial course of action prioritising certain areas of health which will usually involve some diet and lifestyle measures to put into action. We can also discuss possible recommendations for further functional testing (where appropriate).

Step 2a- Three month Functional Health Plan (6 follow up sessions of 45mins each)

After the Initial Consultation, we embark on the journey to independent health. You will enter into a 3 month bespoke plan tailored to best suit your needs, which will include further nutritional advice, lifestyle change, nutritional supplements and potential testing recommendations, where relevant.

We will routinely meet every 2 weeks (in person or via a web platform or phone), however, the time between appointments can be customised to suit the individual. All 6 sessions do need to be completed within the 3 month period. You will be asked to fill out a follow-up health progress questionnaire monthly. The hypothesis shared with you during your initial consultation will evolve, adapt and become more dynamic based on our findings. Within 7 working days of each consultation I will provide an overview of the issues addressed, informative handouts, recommendations for lab tests and/ supplements where appropriate, but always seek to prioritise nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Step 2b-Individual Follow up Consultations

We realise that no two people are on the same journey. While the 3 month Functional Health Plan is the recommended path for most, some may just want more of a Functional Health MOT with lab tests to identify and correct any imbalances that may contribute to future illness. Others may be overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there and want to develop an understanding of what is getting in the way of their ability to achieve optimal health. Individual follow up consultations will vary depending on your unique needs -we may discuss and act on laboratory results or we may continue to make progressive nutrition and lifestyle adjustments in the journey to building independent health from the roots up.

Appointment Pricing

Step 1.Comprehensive Initial Functional Medicine Consulation-this includes:

  • Pre consulation evaluation of your completed Comprehensive Health Questionnaire (approx.45min).
  • 90 minute one to one consultation.
  • 30-45min of doctor time to write a summary email with personalised nutritional and lifestyle recommendations that can be implemented immediately based on knowledge gained in our initial consultation.
  • Cost=£345 (full payment required at the time of booking)

Step 2a.Functional Health Plan(3 months)

  • Peeling away the  layers to get to the root cause of disease and make the necessary changes for health optimisation takes time.
  • 6 x 45minute follow up consultations (over a 3 month period)
  • We monitor progress, review any test results and refine your health plan accordingly.
  • Summary email after each consultation with updated nutritional and lifestyle recommendations and any further recommendations for functional testing and supplementation (if required).
  • Cost=£1285 (full payment required for the plan required at the time of booking the first appointment)
  • Excludes the cost of any lab tests
  • Clients may complete step 2a more than once if required.


Step 2b. Individual Follow up Consultations

  • Follow up appointments vary in length depending on the complexity and how many/whether laboratory results are being reviewed. Cost will be based on the appointment length. We will advise on the amount of time required for your unique requirements.
  • Usually 45min
  • Summary email with updated nutritional/lifestyle/supplement/testing recommendations (where appropriate).
  • Cost=£235 (full payment required at the time of booking)
  • Excludes the cost of any lab tests

Please note

Our fees reflect consultations with an experienced medical professional, the time invested in preparing for your appointment, researching and writing personalised plans and review/interpretation of GP or functional test results. We pride ourselves on providing safe, evidence based recommendations.

We appreciate that everyone is different based on the complexity of your illness. The prices above give an idea of the consultation costs which excludes additional costs such as supplements (if required), functional testing recommendations (not mandatory) and a possible change in your food shopping bills (we advocate a wholefood diet, preferably organic, eliminating processed foods).

Prices are subject to change, please confirm current pricing directly with me prior to appointments.

Any additional inter consultation support time (via any medium) over and above the allocated 15 minutes catered for in the first consultation charge will be charged for on a pro rata basis at the current hourly rate. Any additional communication with your GP will also be charged for on a time incurred basis calculated at the prevailing hourly rate. The current hourly rate is £150.

We currently offer virtual appointments-although face to face is available if required.

At this time health insurance companies are not covering Functional Medicine and it is an out-of-pocket expense.

My core principles are disease prevention and individualized treatment. I believe that intrinsic healing can be harnessed with targeted nutrition and lifestyle change. I am passionate about empowering you with the knowledge and resources to take control of your health.

Free discovery session

You may have some questions before you book an appointment, so our Free Discovery Session is perfect for you! A 15 minute telephone appointment designed to offer you an opportunity to ask questions, learn about who I am as a practitioner, what I may be able to offer you and whether we’re the right fit. Please note that this is only available once per person and is not a consult that will offer any treatment plans.