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Functional medicine


Training in the standard model of healthcare relies on matching symptoms with diseases, then matching the disease with a corresponding drug. While this model is effective in treating acute diseases, trauma, infection, and emergencies, it often fails in the treatment of the underlying cause of chronic diseases that affect millions. I soon discovered the limitations of a disease based medical system where the concept of prevention was reduced to detection that occurs long after the initiation of disease.

Functional medicine is the next evolution in healthcare. It seeks to address the underlying causes of disease using a biology-based, systems-oriented approach, whereby both the patient and Doctor work together in partnership to create an integrative approach to the prevention and management of disease. Prevention takes centre stage and treatment of the patient as a whole, rather than the disease, is the priority.

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We need to look at our bodies less as battlefields to be conquered, and more as gardens to be tended-Martin Blaser MD

In preference to isolating one system at a time, the Functional Medicine Movement appreciates the complexity of the human state recognising disease as an imbalance in one or more of the seven interconnected core physiological processes. When one or more of these physiological systems are overworked or undernourished, it causes stress, premature aging and dysfunction, leaving you vulnerable to disease. Functional medicine focuses on root cause resolution, correcting nutritional deficiencies, removing toxic influences and supporting all major systems to restore your body back to optimal health. It’s about working with the wisdom within you, not beating your body into submission with prescription medication.

Our goal is to transform your health and re-establish homeostasis rather than addressing individual symptoms and masking them with medication.